CARMA Letter to Exiro Minerals


February 21, 2023

Shastri Ramnath
President, CEO & Director
Exiro Minerals Corp.

Dear Ms. Ramnath:

We have been appointed by the Crawford Lake Association as an advocacy group to represent the generations of families that have cherished the beauty and serenity of Warren and Union’s Crawford Pond for more than 100 years. Crawford Pond is not a “financial asset” for us. It is an invaluable community bound in the love of nature, wild animals, family and memories. We draw our drinking and bathing water from the pond, we swim, we boat, we hike, we admire the loons and eagles and sometimes we just sit on a dock in awe of the natural beauty and peace. Please view through this lens what you and your company and the industry you support are doing to us.

The strength and resolve of our community and the peaceful environment we are committed to protecting should be evident to you by now. Your mere contemplation of metal mining exploration has already generated a universal outpouring of opposition across socio- economic classes, political parties, states of origin, and ages. If this is not yet clear, let us say it here:

Immediately stop your attempt to prospect around Crawford Pond and the surrounding Georges River Valley.

Your prospecting — even leaving aside mining — would have an immediate environmental and human impact: noise pollution, heavy equipment drilling, airborne dust, land erosion and low- flying aircraft with magnetometers. But the door you open to mining would destroy everything we love about this place. Because of the interconnectivity of the Georges River Watershed, mining would put at risk the entire area, including Seven Tree Pond, Lermond Pond, Alford Lake, White Oak Pond, North Pond, alewive fisheries and the entire stretch of the St. George River as it drains into the ocean in Thomaston. This page is too short to even begin to describe the devastating toll metal mining would take on the local environment and its residents.

There is no place for metal mining here, we have no tolerance for the gateway to mining that your prospecting creates. We are organized, united and will fight like hell to keep you, your helicopters and airplanes and your disruptive equipment away from Crawford. We cannot be bought.

Citizens Against Residential Mining Activity (“CARMA”)

Copies to:
Milton Hilt, President, Crawford Lake Association

Sherry Howard, Warren Town Manager

Jay Feyler, Union Town Manager

Kara George, Thomaston Town Manager

Samantha Mank, Hope Town Manager

Melanie Loyzim, Commissioner, Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection

Janet Mills, Governor

Nature Conservancy Maine

William Pluecker, Maine House of Representatives

Pinny Beebe-Center, Maine Senate

Annette Naegel, Director of Conservation, Georges River Land Trust

James A. Robbins, President, Robbins Lumber, Inc.

Christine Simmonds, Managing Editor, Courier-Gazette

Stephen Betts, Reporter, Courier-Gazette

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