CARMA Press Release: Citizen Advocacy Team Formed

February 22, 2023


On February 20, 2023, the Board of Directors of the Crawford Lake Association (which was established as a non-profit corporation more than 50 years ago for environmental protection) formed an advocacy team – “Citizens Against Residential Mining Activity” or “CARMA” – to investigate and oppose residential metal mining and mining exploration in Union and Warren, Maine. CARMA was formed in response to Canadian company Exiro Minerals Corp.’s (“Exiro”) acquisition of mineral exploration rights on property near and sloping toward Crawford Pond and expression of interest in acquiring such rights on additional properties. CARMA is comprised of six representatives – three in Union and three in Warren – who have legal, communications, fundraising and business expertise to combat irresponsible mining and exploration proposed by Exiro in and around Crawford Pond, which threatens a substantial portion of the Georges River watershed, the underlying aquifers and, as a result, the drinking water.

Bill Stinson (Union resident, co-spokesperson for CARMA and owner of The Pour Farm brewery) said: “These are residential communities. Prospecting for metals – even leaving aside mining itself – risks immediate human and environmental impact: noise pollution, heavy equipment drilling, airborne dust, land erosion and low-flying aircraft.”

Ike Johnson (Warren resident and co-spokesperson for CARMA) stated: “Because of the interconnectivity of the Georges River watershed, mining would put at risk the entire area, including Seven Tree Pond, Lermond Pond, Alford Lake, White Oak Pond, North Pond, alewive fisheries and the entire stretch of the St. George River as it drains into the ocean in Thomaston.”

Generations of families have cherished the beauty and serenity of Warren’s and Union’s lakes, rivers and ponds for more than 100 years. CARMA has communicated its opposition to Exiro in a letter (attached) and will fight for however long it takes to protect the Warren and Union waterways from private interests seeking profits at the expense of our community built around natural beauty and serenity.


CARMA opposes activities related to metals prospecting and mining in the Georges River watershed. As a collection of residential communities and interconnected waterways and wetlands, Warren, Union, and the other towns in the watershed are at significant risk of irreversible environmental degradation and contamination. CARMA offers information and education about this type of mining activity in Warren and Union and advocates for a ban in these towns.

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