CARMA Press Release: Transparency Request

March 27, 2023


On March 27, 2023, advocacy team Citizens Against Residential Mining Activity (“CARMA”) announced that Canadian mining exploration company Exiro Minerals Corp. has not responded to CARMA’s March 14, 2023, request for information about Exiro and its plans for mining exploration in a 30 square-mile area of Union, Warren and Hope. Exiro has told the Union and Warren communities that it wants to be “transparent” and work in “partnership” with the communities. On March 9, 2023, Exiro’s President and CEO (Shastri Ramnath) sent an email to CARMA stating that Exiro would “like to participate in the effort to protect Crawford Pond and other water resources in the area.” CARMA’s request (to which Exiro has not responded) asked Exiro to inform the communities about its business, financial condition and interest in mining exploration in Union and Warren “to enable the community to evaluate [Exiro’s] good faith and financial wherewithal.” CARMA also requested that Exiro confirm it will
not begin any exploration activity unless and until it has support from at least the majority of the residents of Warren, Union and Hope. CARMA told Exiro that it would consider a public meeting with Exiro if Exiro provided this information in advance.

Kathy Wellen (spokesperson for CARMA) stated: “Exiro has stated multiple times that it wants to be transparent and work in partnership with the Warren and Union communities. We have asked them for information and they have not responded.” Ms. Wellen further stated: “If Exiro truly wants to work with the community, it is imperative that the residents be able to assess Exiro’s intentions and its ability to remediate given the risk that its proposed activity will contaminate our air, soil and water.”


CARMA opposes activities related to metals prospecting and mining in the Georges River watershed. As a collection of residential communities and interconnected waterways and wetlands, Warren, Union, and the other towns in the watershed are at significant risk of irreversible environmental degradation and contamination. CARMA offers information and education about this type of mining activity in Warren and Union and advocates for a ban in these towns.

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