CARMA opposes activities related to metals prospecting and mining in the Georges River watershed.

Oppose mining in Knox County, Maine!

Are you a registered Union voter? Sign the petition to get metal mining on the ballot.

We need enough UNION registered voters to sign in less than one week to get metal mining on the ballot for a town vote in June! CARMA Volunteers with petitions will visit you in a place that is convenient for you to sign the petition.

Warren will be next!

What’s going on?

A group of concerned citizens in Union and Warren are organizing with the hope of preventing toxic metal mining from harming the area. CARMA is seeking signatures on petitions to get metal mining on the ballot in Union and Warren. With enough signatures on the petitions for each, the towns will have an opportunity to vote on whether or not to allow metal mining.

Community response

“We live in and visitors come to Maine for a reason – it offers the most gorgeous natural beauty available in the world.  Do not let industrial profiteers lull you into complacency.  Talk to your neighbors, communicate with your Select and Planning Boards and write to Exiro to let them know your opposition to mining in our residential communities.”

Stuart Finkelstein of Warren, Maine

Read the full letter in the PenBay Pilot

Make your voice heard!
Write to your Town Office or reps:

Get involved

The most important thing you can do is make your voice heard. If you haven’t already, contact your Town Office.

Help us spread the word about the dangers of mining in residential communities. Download the fact sheet on the effects of metallic mineral mining. And click below to volunteer or donate.

Donations will be used to fight for a metals-mining-free future in Knox County.  This includes education, awareness, and legal costs associated with challenging and defeating metals mining proposals in our communities.


Citizens Against Residential Mining Activity (CARMA) opposes activities related to metals prospecting and mining in the Georges River watershed.  As a collection of residential communities and interconnected waterways and wetlands, Warren, Union, and the other towns in the watershed are at significant risk of irreversible environmental degradation and contamination.  CARMA offers information and education about this type of mining activity in Warren, Union, and Hope, and advocates for a ban in these towns.

The red dotted line shows the area Exiro Minerals is proposing for heavy metals mining prospecting.

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